Things To Do In Isolation

Hello everyone! I’ve been seeing a lot of lists going around of ideas for things to do in isolation during this health crisis, and I had some ideas too! I hope this will help anyone who is getting antsy and bored indoors. Let’s all take a deep breath and practice healthy habits!

  • Crafting
    • With A Lot of Craft Supplies
      • Make a zine
      • Make an abstract (maybe even 3-D?!) painting
      • Design a new board game, including playing pieces, original art for the cards, and a board
      • Design and make polymer clay jewelry
    • With Limited Craft Supplies
      • Collages with newspapers, old magazines
      • Make a collage from different images featuring your favorite color, or a collage of one thing like foods, or eyes, or purses, or shoes
      • Refuse scissors! Try to make an image in collage by ripping paper
      • Use card stock to make a little village of paper houses (check out PaperHolm to get inspired)
      • Pinterest is full of ideas!
      • Blind contour drawings with different colored/width pens one on top of the other – this always ends up looking really trippy, abstract and cool
      • Design a “mythical creature mashup” or design an original character
      • Write a letter
  • Baking/Cooking
    • Make golden milk with herbs and dairy or non-dairy drink
    • Try to bake scones or other goodies
    • Check what you can make with the ingredients you have in the house
    • Honestly comfort food is where it’s at right now!!
  • Digital Crafting
    • Canva can help you make a digital scrapbook of favorite memories/photos… you can also make yourself a new logo or design stationery letterhead for your favorite fictional places/people
    • Make a new ringtone or record a song on SoundTrap’s free trial – you don’t even need a microphone to make a cool mix with their loops
  • Writing Prompts
    • Write free-form poetry
    • Write a short story
    • Journal about your favorite memories
    • Make lists (like this one! LOL)
    • Make a family tree and write about your family’s history
    • Write a romance novel?! The cheesier the better! Link me when it’s done!
    • Write children’s poetry – extra silly!
  • Chores/Productive things
    • Get super duper organized
    • Learn EVERYTHING YOU CAN about something that has always interested you
  • Things you probably haven’t done in ages but should probably do
    • Clean your phone/the keyboard of your laptop
    • Clean out under your bed
    • Scrub down your bathroom
  • Self-care/beauty things
    • Take a steam bath
    • Do your nails
    • Face mask

The list goes on and on! Please add anything you think of!

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