Things To Do In Isolation

Hello everyone! I’ve been seeing a lot of lists going around of ideas for things to do in isolation during this health crisis, and I had some ideas too! I hope this will help anyone who is getting antsy and bored indoors. Let’s all take a deep breath and practice healthy habits! Crafting With AContinue reading “Things To Do In Isolation”

New Project: Magical Realism YA Novel

Hello lovebugs!  In light of the limited interest for Orchid, I’ve decided to hold off on posting it online. I’m hoping that it will be picked up by somewhere and that I will be able to edit it with professional help, to eventually be traditionally published. I know this may come as a disappointment toContinue reading “New Project: Magical Realism YA Novel”

School Year Abroad: Reflection

I haven’t written a lot about my experience here over the past nine months. I’ve had a lot of great times! I’ve been extremely lucky to go for my Masters degree at Oxford Brookes University, and I feel even luckier to have met the people I’ve come into contact with. I’ve read some excellent fictionContinue reading “School Year Abroad: Reflection”