New Project: Magical Realism YA Novel

Hello lovebugs!  In light of the limited interest for Orchid, I’ve decided to hold off on posting it online. I’m hoping that it will be picked up by somewhere and that I will be able to edit it with professional help, to eventually be traditionally published. I know this may come as a disappointment toContinue reading “New Project: Magical Realism YA Novel”


Hello all! This is an open call for interest in digital beta reading for my YA steampunk paranormal romance novel “An Orchid Darkly Blooming”. (Wowie! Four genres in one, what a steal!) All of the reading will be done on Beta Books so that it’ll be easy to keep track of. Please like/comment to expressContinue reading “CALL FOR BETA READERS”

A Sip of Champagne: Quick Fics Issue 1, Vol 1

Here’s what’s happening on Patreon! 1/50 in 2019. As it’s just the first week, I’m sharing my excitement with you! In the future, there will be a gap of a full week between when the issue is posted and when it is available to the public. According to Wikipedia, there are about 1 million bubblesContinue reading “A Sip of Champagne: Quick Fics Issue 1, Vol 1”