Hello all! This is an open call for interest in digital beta reading for my YA steampunk paranormal romance novel “An Orchid Darkly Blooming”. (Wowie! Four genres in one, what a steal!) All of the reading will be done on Beta Books so that it’ll be easy to keep track of. Please like/comment to expressContinue reading “CALL FOR BETA READERS”

A Sip of Champagne: Quick Fics Issue 1, Vol 1

Here’s what’s happening on Patreon! 1/50 in 2019. As it’s just the first week, I’m sharing my excitement with you! In the future, there will be a gap of a full week between when the issue is posted and when it is available to the public. According to Wikipedia, there are about 1 million bubblesContinue reading “A Sip of Champagne: Quick Fics Issue 1, Vol 1”