Manifesting Wonder

I’ve been thinking a lot about magic and what it means to me. When I was a child, it meant a letter from Hogwarts or a closet to Narnia. As I got older, I saw that magic in that regard wasn’t necessarily real, but I leaned heavily into the magic promised by romantic comedies. NowContinue reading “Manifesting Wonder”

Cake Walk #1: Ben’s Cookies, covered market

Well, I’d been planning to go to each sweet shop in an orderly order. But things don’t always go the way we plan them, yesterday being a prime example! Oxford peeps – do you recognize this enormous white chocolate cookie? That’s right! It’s from Ben’s Cookies, where I got a tin of four freshly bakedContinue reading “Cake Walk #1: Ben’s Cookies, covered market”

Cakewalks in Oxford

As part of the Adventures Abroad part of my Be Your Own Bae agenda, I’d like to introduce my Cakewalk project. The idea was inspired by my coworker back home. For some reason, at work I’d brought up the idea of a traditional cakewalk – you know, a lot like musical chairs, but the personContinue reading “Cakewalks in Oxford”