New Project: Magical Realism YA Novel

Hello lovebugs! 

In light of the limited interest for Orchid, I’ve decided to hold off on posting it online. I’m hoping that it will be picked up by somewhere and that I will be able to edit it with professional help, to eventually be traditionally published. I know this may come as a disappointment to some of you, as you were looking forward to reading the book, but I believe it’s just not a good fit to publish it online right now. 

Instead, I’ve started a new project, tentatively entitled Sea Glass Soul, about a young sound engineer and her manic pixie dream boy of a love interest. The story is magical realism, and follows the two teenagers as they navigate questions of identity, first love, music, God, and mysticism. The story is heavily inspired by my teenage years growing up at the shore, and I’m excited to share it with you. 

This was decided by a Twitter poll, so I’m very excited to be writing what I love and what the people (hopefully!) want. 

As for a timeline, I have the story outlined and chapter one is complete! I’m hoping to have it ready by August 1st in a sort of mega writing sprint. Then, I’ll be posting weekly to my Wattpad account, where you can read on Sundays. I’ll also be posting extras here, exclusive to Patreon. I’m really trying to not over-promise this time around, so suffice it to say most of the surprises will be online or printables. Nonetheless, I’m excited for this next chapter! 

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