Hello all! This is an open call for interest in digital beta reading for my YA steampunk paranormal romance novel “An Orchid Darkly Blooming”. (Wowie! Four genres in one, what a steal!) All of the reading will be done on Beta Books so that it’ll be easy to keep track of. Please like/comment to express interest, as I’m looking for opinions on how to structurally improve and expand the story.

Elevator pitch: When young witch Esther Reese is chosen to be the vampire prince’s consort for a court season, she knows she should be thrilled. It’s an opportunity for riches, opulence, and a better living situation for her family. Yet, even though she goes to the castle with the hopes of improving the kingdom for witches everywhere, she is caught in turmoil between the Prince Gabriel and Cayden, her guardian. Esther is torn between trying to charm the prince to do her will, and falling prey to the prince’s own wicked charms. This novel is like a cross between Wicked Prince and The Selection… but with vampires.

Time frame: The beta-reading process is going to be a relatively relaxed one this time around, but I’ll be looking for general feedback by July 1st so that I can start to make improvements.

Trigger warnings: This novel has foul language, and references to domestic violence. I would say it’s 15+ , just to be on the safe side.

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