Cake Walk #1: Ben’s Cookies, covered market

Well, I’d been planning to go to each sweet shop in an orderly order. But things don’t always go the way we plan them, yesterday being a prime example!

Oxford peeps – do you recognize this enormous white chocolate cookie?

That’s right! It’s from Ben’s Cookies, where I got a tin of four freshly baked soft gooey cookies 😍

It was kind of magical how it happened – I’d only been planning on going into the city for a few things, but at the bus stop ran into an international student who I haven’t seen in some time. She told me it was her name day and I – jumping on any chance for a celebration – said at once, “We MUST go to get cookies or cake for you!”

It was really a wonderful day wandering through Covered Market. I must admit we ate out of order – we gobbled down the cookies while waiting for our Greek food – and I thought to myself, “I could probably do this for a living!! Travel food writer!”

Even if I never get to live that dream, I give Ben’s Cookies five stars 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟!!

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One thought on “Cake Walk #1: Ben’s Cookies, covered market

  1. Kira,
    What an awesome way to spend your pal’s name day! This cookie looks delish! I can’t wait to hear all about future cake walks!

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