Tides: Prayer Poem

This video is actually the culmination of years of – well, I wouldn’t exactly call it hard work. There’s a saying that goes when you dream something big, you have to take the little steps to make it happen. I had the dream of making this video for a long time, but didn’t put in the time until in a flurry of activity and inspiration, I got up at dawn, shot the footage, went to work, came home, edited the footage, and uploaded it – all in one day. I wasn’t sure how it would turn out, but I knew what I wanted the video to say:


So often in our lives, we become victims to our own desire to be heard. We forget that other people in our lives deserve to be heard, and that there is value in silence – a silence that is not passive, but full of love and careful attention.

In my own life, I know that I am obsessed with input. For example, when I pray, I always keep my hands palm-up to receive, instead of palm-down for introspection. I’ve been trying lately to find the joy in turning inward, looking for answers with what God has already given me, as opposed to constantly seeking more advice and more input. This video is a reflection of that joy.

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